Finding an Illustrator—and Introducing MINE!

21 Apr

Self Publishing Artist Childrens ArtHow do you find an illustrator for your children’s book?

Or perhaps more adequately…

How do you find, choose, and trust a person to take what’s been in your head and turn it into the tangible something special you know it can be?

There are many ways to go about finding an illustrator:

  • You can already know of an artist you respect and enjoy working with. In which case, lucky you!
  • You can do a basic Google search for local illustrators.
  • You can attend mixer events for local writers and illustrators. (I recommend checking out your local Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators branch.)
  • You can reach out on social media for recommendations.

I tried all of these routes, but the method that worked for me was social media.

As detailed in a post last fall, a college friend, Jason, saw my query for illustrator recommendations and forwarded me someone who could be a good fit.

Once you’ve found a potential candidate, what do you do next?  Continue reading

Top 10 “Doable” Quotes

14 Apr

book review

What is that “someday” project you’ve been wanting to tackle?

My writing coach (turned online friend) Deborah Reber recently published an impactful little book called DoableThough it’s marketed to teen girls, anyone can use its no-nonsense approach to stop wanting and start doing.

Included below are 10 of my favorite quotes from the book.

Whatever it is that lingers inside of you, waiting to be done, I hope Debbie’s words will light a fire under you, as they have me.

If they do, consider picking up her book yourself. It’s a quick read—plus cheerleader, to-do list, and life coach all in one!

Also, if you’re a fan of free stuff, you can download her Doable Workbook, Task Sheet, Life Hacking Guide, and more for nothing more than the cost of your printer’s ink. What have you got to lose? (One less day of waiting, that’s what.)  Continue reading

Logo Votes Are In… and the Winner Is…

9 Apr

Design Jackie Phillips Precious Beast BrandingThanks for all the great feedback on my publishing logo, friends!

It was a tough decision, but your choice ended up matching my gut reaction.

Drum roll, please.

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Now, Then, and Back Again

7 Apr

Cuddle Arms Spring Bowtie

Today I finally dropped my baby boy off at daycare for his first full day. I meant to do so months ago, but circumstances had other ideas.

But every time I got frustrated with my lack of work time, I’d snuggle my baby in my arms and remember this post I wrote back when my now-four-year-old was the baby in my arms. The gist:

Cuddle your baby while you can. They don’t stay babies long.

The point is, all of my recent publishing progress, logo work, book editing, etc. has been squeezed into nights and weekends. I don’t say this for a pity party. I say this to remind you (and myself) that, as sure as the baby phase is fleeting, the dream that fuels your heart is timeless. Challenges and circumstances may come and go, but don’t worry. Dreams persist.

My dream still persists.

The dream that began with Sue. The dream that began here…

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Self Publishing: Step 1: Logistics

23 Mar

Please note that the following info is particular to print books. I’ll get to ebooks in a future post, I promise.

publish write author

So, you’ve weighed the pros and cons of traditional publishing versus doing it yourself, and you’ve decided to self publish.

Now what?

Decide which kind of self publishing you want to do.

That’s right. There’s more than one kind.
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Child’s-Eye View

16 Mar

Legs Kid Perspective Denim JungleCan you imagine what it must be like for most people (and even some household pets) to tower above you?

Add to that a toddler’s limitless imagination—unencumbered by years of practical knowledge and assumptions—and they practically live in a whole other world than our own.

One of the kids’ book I’m working on explores this perspective, so I’ve been keeping my eye out for glimpses of that child’s-eye view.

Turns out I’m not the only one interested in the perspective of the lower half.  Continue reading


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